See what you've been missing.

interactively create data monitoring dashboards for things that can't wait for the next batch process or development cycle.



  • Tap into live data streams
  • Turn APIs into streams
  • Stream database logs
  • Stream logs



  • Filter records
  • Categorize records
  • Augment records
  • Prune fields
  • Parse fields



  • Create streaming statistics
  • Show the workflow
  • Visualize with context



  • Share shaped data streams
  • Add analysis and share
  • Send alerts and snapshots
  • Slack integration

Use Cases

Work with logs in realtime

DevOps | DBAs | SysAdmins

  • Work with streaming logs
  • Work with streaming events
  • Filter streams to what's significant
  • Create an automated or operator assisted workflow
Be a more effective analyst

SOC WatchStanders | Analysts | Researchers

  • Stream events
  • Stream a polling API
  • Define which records get passed to lookup APIs
  • Categprize, and add analysis
  • Store, Export to CSV, or share in realtime
Discover the questions to ask

Data Miners | Data Journalists | Data Scientists

  • Identify the patterns
  • Recognize divergence from patterns
  • Create and compare statistics
  • Collaborate
Watch your Sensor data take shape

Developers | Ecosystem Managers

  • Stream multiple feeds into the same interface
  • Show the latest values
  • Show stats
  • Discover data hidden by typical dashboards
Understand the raw data

Developers | Architects | QA

  • Discover Schema
  • Filter noise
  • Parse and Transform Records
  • Export Schema, Cache and Configurations
  • Apply configurations to on demand and backend data tools.

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